We offer green flooring solutions.

Naturelle products are clean and green.

  • Clean. Manufactured with Nano Silver – extremely small particles of metallic silver is added to Naturelle giving a durable anti-microbial action. It would take 500 million Nano Silver particles side by side to cover the section of a human hair, making the particles invisible to the human eye. It quietly goes about making homes and business safer from bacteria such as staph and E.coli, viruses like rhinovirus and molds.
  • Green. Naturelle Luxury Vinyl is 67% post consumer recycled PVC. Vinyl products that previously had to be discarded in a landfill are now reclaimed in a proprietary process by the factory and used in the manufacture of Naturelle. No other luxury vinyl tile manufacturer has made this environmentally sensitive commitment to the earth’s preservation.
  • 100% recyclable – no landfill issue.
  • LEED points are available for these products in commercial buildings
  • Unique surface treatment gives it superior anti-slip and stain resistance properties. Stands up to heavy traffic day-in and day-out with only light maintenance and still looks good years later.
  • Easy to clean and shines beautifully with just vinegar and water!
    Plenty of style and color choices: Natural beauty of exotic woods such as bamboo, Brazilian cherry. Fine grain woods, old timber and antique pine. Natural good looks of slate, granite and marble.
    Glue for installation, low VOC, has very little odor – and inert with no off-gassing when hardened. (Traditional vinyl floor glues are very strong smelling).
    Uniform color and quality. Each tile has a dimensional stability that won’t break down under shrinkage or expansion caused by rapid temperature changes.
  • Warranty: Free of defects in workmanship and material for a period of 10 years for commercial use and 25 years for residential use from the date of installation.
  • See their website for further information: www.naturellecollection.com

Shaw Green Edge. Made in USA

  • 100% nylon. Nylon doesn’t come from chemical compounds like polyester.
  • Shaw carpet constructed of Nylon 6, a recyclable carpet fiber. Shaw has developed a program to recycle Nylon 6. They can be returned to carpet production. Polyester carpet cannot be recycled back into carpet production.
  • 10 year quality assurance warranty.
  • R2X soil and stain resistance.
  • SoftBac Platinum – revolutionary backing system offers 10 year no-wrinkle guarantee.
  • Anti-microbial, environmentally friendly padding available.

Laminate flooring with beveled edges

Envirocore – product made with Shaw’s EnviroCore™, a high density fiber core derived from recycled wood fiber, which means fewer trees are used.

Made in USA

  • Versalock AG with LocNPlace™ advanced generation glue-less locking system greatly enhances speed of installation while improving seam integrity.
  • 25 year limited residential wear, stain, fade, moisture resistance warranty.
  • Lifetime structural integrity warranty – when properly installed and maintained – free from defects in material or workmanship as long as original purchaser owns and resides in home where product installed.

Laminate flooring

Made in USA

  • Made from tree trimmings so fewer trees are used.
  • Many choices of underlayment for superior comfort, sound absorption, use over concrete or wood subflooring.
  • Lifetime structural warranty and 25 year wear warranty.
  • Installation – glues are all green glues – limited off gassing. Inert when dry.

Hardwood flooring

Shaw Green Edge. Made in USA

    • Epic’s 3/8″ thick hardwood products use approximately 50% less newly forested wood in the production than conventional 3/8″ engineered alternatives.
    • Lifetime structural integrity warranty
    • No additional finish required on the floor. Durashield – Xtreme protection for the floors you live on. All Shaw hardwood styles are protected by our aluminum oxide enriched DuraShield™ finish which lasts up to seven times longer than conventional UV cured urethanes.

Made in Siler City, USA

The natural beauty and durability of genuine Terrazzo floors… at a fraction of the cost. Floorazzo is Terrazzo. The only difference is it is poured in the factory not on the job site.

    • Indoor Air Quality/VOC: Floorazzo tile is either 1/8″ or 3/16″ thick so uses half of the resin that poured in place 3/8″ Terrazzo tile uses. The finished tile is totally inert with no off-gassing.
    • Floorazzo Tile is long lasting and durable. The standard marble tile is guaranteed for 20 years, but Floorazzo is extremely durable and in most cases will last the life of the building. The tiles are made out of a Polyester Resin, Calcium Carbonate and Marble Chips. The finished product is 75% stone and 25% resin. The polyester resin is in the form of a liquid, the calcium carbonate in the form of chalk powder and the marble chips are the same as used in the poured in place industry. The raw material is mixed with a coloring pigment and cast in a 25 by 50 inch mold. After hardening the individual casting is ground smooth on the top and bottom. Then it is polished on the top side and cut into two 24″ by 24″ tiles.
    • Eco friendly recycled glass. The GEM line glass product uses 36% recycled glass materials, including post-consumer recycled glass. 18% is purchased from our supplier as a recycled product. The other 18% is recycled from our own waste marble chips for the backfill glass.
    • Want even greener? They can grind up their own tile to use as a substitute for the standard Calcium Carbonate resin filler. Currently, this costs about 50 cents more per foot because of the additional labor, but the product looks and performs to the same high standards. This process makes the Standard Marble line 25% recycled material and the Gem line 61% recycled material.
    • LEED points are available for Floorazzo use in commercial buildings
    • No harsh chemicals required to clean Floorazzo – water and vinegar standard cleaning for home applications
    • Sustainable and green factory.
      • Local Siler City business and employees. Less embodied energy getting the product to you!
      • Less embodied energy in product – marble material used in tile comes from quarry only 8 miles away.
      • They recycle thousands of gallons of water every day. Water for the manufacturing process is collected rain water (permit issued by EPA) and city water.
      • Their manufacturing process is not energy intensive using electricity and natural gas at a cost of less than 6 cents per square foot of product produced.
      • All of their scrap is ground up and recycled back into the product. The materials are totally inert and the ground up tile can be used again in another application.
      • 100% recyclable. If you ever want to change the color or you are remodeling, you can send the tile back to the factory for recycling into new cast tile, thus eliminating the need for it to go to the landfill.


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