A Glass Repair in Pittsboro NC

Recently we were in Pittsboro, NC. Pittsboro is an area we are in several times each week. It is just up the street from our home location of Siler City.

This particular home needed some glass replaced. The customer’s lawnmower was missing the guard on the side. When they called up, they said that it would be cheaper to go get a new lawnmower than to keep smashing windows. A few rocks from their gravel driveway had gotten into the lawn, and when the lawnmower hit the rock, the rock flew through their air and cracked some glass.

Cracked glass from lawnmowers is unfortunately all too common.

When the customer called us, we came out and measured the windows and gave him an estimate. He approved the work, and we scheduled a good time to come back. Shortly after, we were on the scene, repairing the damage. Some water had gotten in behind the cracked glass so we cleaned it up the best we could and applied something to help keep the area moisture free.


GWW van is on the scene



This is the glass being installed


And here we have our customer’s new lawnmower.





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Judy has been involved with green building, environnmental and energy conservation since she grew up in England in the 1970's. She has owned and operated businesses for over 25 years and worked with builders, architects and developers to organize and grow their operations. In the last decade she's focused on operating businesses with triple bottom line practices of people, planet, profits. Judy and her husband, Mike, opened the Glass & Window Warehouse to complement their construction company, Harrelson's Home Improvement. They are ENERGY STAR® partners and have a turnkey operation replacing broken and "cloudy" glass, installing energy efficient windows and glass shower doors to make homes more energy efficient and increasing value of existing homes. Judy has taught going green workshops to educate home owners on what "green" means and how to use safer products in their homes for their own health and the environment.

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