Replacement glass and windows, Fearrington Village

Glass & Window Warehouse has been working in Fearrington Village replacing glass and installing energy efficient glass units in the historic district.

The insulated glass units, known as IG’s, replace broken or “cloudy” glass in windows.  Glass in windows is made up of 2 panes of glass separated by air or argon gas, which provides the insulation for energy efficiency.    When one pane of glass breaks or the seal fails in the IG, then the insulation is lost, so replacing it with a new insulated glass unit makes the window more energy efficient, saving money and energy.

cloudy insulated glass

Failed seal in insulated glass unit turns glass cloudy

replacement glass and windows

Replacing with new insulated glass unit (IG) makes window more energy efficient… and beautiful again!

belted cows

We love to see the belted goats and cows!


This part of Fearrington village has double aluminum windows and sliding doors. In addition to replacement glass and windows, sometimes we just come out to take doors and windows apart for cleaning


With over 2,000 residents, we find we are often in Fearrington Village installing custom glass shower doors and tub enclosures, replacing glass in windows and doors or installing mirrors customized for the homeowner.

Fearrington Village is very appealing to those wishing to relocate to this area as it has a wonderful country feel but is still located near Raleigh, Durham and Research Triangle Park. The Triangle is ranked nationally as one of the best places to live and Chatham County has one of the lowest crime rates in North Carolina.   We can see why many people retire here for a better cost of living and to be near one of America’s top college towns with University of North Carolina (UNC) and Duke University.

jody porch

Glass added to porch to make more outdoor living space.

With the mild climate in central North Carolinajody porch2 , we are frequently repairing or replacing screens in porches; or adding glass to make more outdoor living space







multi season room panel systemWe recently helped a customer add glass to their screen porch using our multi-season room panel system.  We offer a large selection of Larson storm doors with installation.



When we are working replacing broken glass, installing glass shower doors or a screen porch in Fearrington Village, sometimes we’ll stop for lunch at the Belted Goat deli or the Granary Restaurant.  Both are great restaurants!



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Judy has been involved with green building, environnmental and energy conservation since she grew up in England in the 1970's. She has owned and operated businesses for over 25 years and worked with builders, architects and developers to organize and grow their operations. In the last decade she's focused on operating businesses with triple bottom line practices of people, planet, profits. Judy and her husband, Mike, opened the Glass & Window Warehouse to complement their construction company, Harrelson's Home Improvement. They are ENERGY STAR® partners and have a turnkey operation replacing broken and "cloudy" glass, installing energy efficient windows and glass shower doors to make homes more energy efficient and increasing value of existing homes. Judy has taught going green workshops to educate home owners on what "green" means and how to use safer products in their homes for their own health and the environment.

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